The Mothercare for Gambia Foundation

The Mothercare for Gambia foundation was founded in April 2011.

The aim of the foundation is to help (pregnant) Gambian woman by offering them medical

and educational supplies and assistance in order to offer them a better future.

We would like to help by offering clean drinking water and sanitation.

Clean water is essential for everyone’s health.

The first water pump has already been placed recently in the village of Farato,

where we started the project.

Our other aim is to arrange a car of which can serve as an ambulance.

The ambulance could help pregnant woman to be transported to a hospital in time

to get the medical assistance they need.

Currently, a lot of children die during birth or in the first year of their lives due to a lack of transportation

between the villages and the hospital or other medical centre, and due to a lack of clean sanitation.

We are also looking for all kind of supplies (for example baby clothes) that can be of help during child birth!

In the future, The Mothercare for Gambia Foundation is dreaming to build a centre

for obstetricians and a child care centre for orphans.

In order to fulfil our goals we need contributors!

For more information, please contact:


Chairperson Miss. F. Banda

Telephone: 0625382450  


Bank: ABN-AMRO account nr.: 440377242

KvK (Chamber of Commerce) Gooi,Eem en Flevoland nr.: 52553507